Life at the Lab


Life at L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest includes regular events which enable lab members to meet together in person either on or off-site or by video-conferencing.


Twice a month, informal 45-minute seminars are held during which individual lab members present their research topic and can thus benefit from the comments and remarks made by other members. These informal seminars also provide an opportunity for lab members to interact and initiate new collaborations.


Each research team at L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest has individual responsibility for organizing meetings between its members and fixing its proceedings. In this context, the KLaIM, LSL and VISION-AD teams have recently organized a number of 2 or 3-day seminars dedicated to research.

taken during the latest research seminar for all lab members

Hardware and software resources are progressively being introduced within the lab in order to facilitate inter-site interaction. Thus, all lab members have a Skype for Business account which enables the organization of videoconferences and the sharing of documents among multiple participants. On the Brest campus, the Yncréa Ouest video-conferencing rooms have been supplemented by a multi-site research room, thereby facilitating communication with lab members based at the other sites. As soon as material resources allow it, the multisite research room will be replicated at the three other L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest sites.


In addition, the research directorate also regularly organizes thematic unifying events which bring all lab members together. The latest of these took place in January 2020 on the subject of how to internationalize research. In October 2020 the aim of the event was to present and scrutinize the scientific strategy to adopt before the HCERES audit in February 2021

photograph of the members of L@bISEN Yncréa Ouest (July 2019)